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The first performance was in Salt Lake City, Utah where we stayed in such a beautiful home that I momentarily wondered if I might not be better off living in the USA when I saw their refrigerator door make ice cubes and boiling water for tea coming from a tap at the sink. Supporting this legal compliance was the fact that everyone came on correct visas, J-1, through the University of Pittsburgh, had health insurance long before this was required and had individual contracts for each member of a troupe.Years back when Zakir bhai (Hussain) said, “Sharon, I can’t believe that Dr Dixit is organising your U. The impact of their contribution needs no Padma to enhance their stellar contribution in the promotion of excellence and excellent classical performing artists. A Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Pittsburgh, with a passion for Indian performing arts and a background organising programmes during his student days, Dr Dixit rose to the challenge of sharing this passion during the 1985 Festival of India-USA coordinating all classical music programmes. Years back when Zakir bhai (Hussain) said, “Sharon, I can’t believe that Dr Dixit is organising your U.

This means that all expenses of musicians: payments, insurances, travel crisis-crossing North America, posters and press and secretarial help, except for international travel covered by ICCR, was covered by participating organisations contributory payments for their local performances. It is quite remarkable that Dr Dixit received no financial compensation from anyone or any organisation for his work as the director of CPAI. In fact, once when Rajan and Sajan Misra decided to take their families along on a CPAI tour because of absolute confidence in the arrangements, Dr Dixit called me to go with them to the US Embassy who had first turned down their visa applications thinking that the whole family going meant an attempt at illegal immigration! It was Dr Dixit who organised the historic session for Viswa Mohan Bhatt with Ry Cooder that resulted in the Grammy award winning album A Meeting by the River. I shook myself out of this by recalling that, as a performing artist rather than a heart surgeon or investment banker I would never have such a fabulous kitchen even if I did live in the USA, and I have a wonderful domestic staff to make my tea and loosen the ice cubes from the tray!

Dr Dixit called to say that I would be staying in a hotel because it would be more convenient to reach the theatre. dance tour!”, I replied, “Bringing an accompanying team of musicians with me from India needs the same support as any other artist, even if I am American”.com. Knowing that airplane strikes had caused expensive rerouting of the tour and hotel costs would put the tour in the red, it still took my wonderful Utah hosts to convince him that we were all enjoying being together and it would be more than okay to have me and my troupe stay in his cozy University professor’s home. Although originally the Centre used to sponsor both Hindustani and Carnatic musicians, it was decided that there were credible organisations focusing on Carnatic music and there was no need to compete. A few highlights: Each and every lead and accompanying artist had US Income tax returns filed which was both required and not done by virtually any other organiser. The greatest expense of touring in the US and Canada is the airlines and once schedules are set a year in advance of a tour, Dr Dixit does not change it. Although the choice of artists had always been left to Dr Dixit’s discretion, after inviting me, ICCR decided that he should no longer be allowed to select the artists he presented.”Over the years he had chaired and been interim dean of the department of Pharmacology, established the Departments of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics, as well as several programmes, served as Associate Dean for graduate studies and research, Director of Affirmative Action, Director of the Animal Care Facilities and Director of Continuation Education in the School of Pharmacy and been awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Travel itineraries in the USA can be extremely complicated as the distances are vast and transit stops at airline hub cities count even in visit USA circuit tickets.It would take a book, and an interesting one at that, to wholesale instant heating faucet cover the amazing methodology of a man whose face would not be recognised by the over 100 universities, colleges and arts organisations to whom he provided great Indian classical performing artists as he never travelled with any on them. Dr Dixit and I have never been able to figure out what led him to decide to organise my Odissi dance tour, as it was the first time he agreed to bring a dancer on tour. Dr Dixit retired in 2013 after 50 years of service at the University of Pittsburgh School Of Pharmacy. Eventually this was dropped as he had little motivation to do all this work for artists he didn’t respect enough to have invited himself.S. On the contrary, he and Vidya not only hosted innumerable musicians at home, but even carried home cooked food to the airport as his artists transited through Pittsburgh between cities in the days before airport security stopped easy access.S. He presented 20 top Hindustani and Carnatic musicians in over 90 individual concerts, along with 30 workshops and 3 festivals as a joint effort between the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) of India, the ITC-SRA and the University of Pittsburgh.

The only glitch in this successful partnership was when ICCR was requested to provide international travel for my 3 accompanying musicians (not my travel as I am not an Indian national).Sharon Lowen is a respected exponent of Odissi, Manipuri and Mayurbhanj and Seraikella Chau whose 4 decade career in India was preceded by 17 years of Modern Dance and Ballet in the US and an M. She can be contacted at sharonlowen. in Dance from the University of Michigan. Of course I had heard a lot about him for many years and was looking forward to touring for him. During my tour the Indian Embassy requested my programme somewhere and Dr Dixit refused as travel plans were already locked down. At the onset of my first tour with his sponsorship, friendly predictors of doom and gloom managed to convince Dr Dixit that he couldn’t possible host me, an American, with Indian hospitality and I must be put up in a hotel.I’d like to mention the top artists that CPAI presented over decades, but actually they are all top artists. His centre brought in more than $2 million and he never took, or earned, a penny from this. However I didn’t realise the significance of this particular sponsorship. Apart from the complete professionalism that he showed during the entire tour, what made it most memorable was the personal touch that his wife, Vidya and he gave his artists. Everyone knew that the tour planning and local sponsors would be top-notch if Dr Dixit organised it. The Centre for the Performing Arts of India was the only, university-based centre in the USA that served as an exchange programme between a consortium of American universities and the ICCR, nationally recognised programme for its quality and organisation.

The untimely passing of Kathak maestro Durga Lal cancelled an earlier planned tour. Happily, the relation continued for many more years and included the musicians for another Odissi tour as well. Shubhendra Rao wrote me, “I had the wonderful opportunity of touring for Dr Dixit’s programme tours in 1998.I am happy to share a debt of gratitude to Dr Dixit and Vidyaji with so many great artists for making it possible to share our Indian classical performing arts across North America. With such advance planning, all the artists know exactly where they will be, with host names and numbers, in advance of arrival. After this initial hiccup, we became as close as family, extending through future tours and beyond into his retirement with regular visits in both countries.A. Dr Balwant Dixit, assisted by his wife Vidya, has presented over 1,800 performances and some 400 workshops at over 80 Universities, Colleges, schools and arts organisations since 1985.) In those days, staying with Indian host families on tour was the norm as it both saved expensive hotel charges and visiting artists preferred Indian home cooking and hospitality.workshop@gmail.

Every single time I went through Pittsburg airport that was the hub for US Airways, both Vidya and he would come over to the gate where we could have to change the flights and hand over home-cooked Indian meals! I think Indian music and Indian musicians owe a lot to Dr Dixit for promoting it in the US and make it more popular and acceptable.No other individual has done as much to promote Indian performing arts in the USA and Canada, other than the earlier efforts of Pt Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan-sahib through his college and continuing work of Zakir Hussain. After the stellar organisation of all the Festival of India music component, ICCR and Dr Dixit, through the University of Pittsburgh, carefully crafted an exchange programme where ICCR would fund the international travel of 4 groups a year and Dr Dixit would select the artists and do everything else to arrange and pay for their performances and workshops.What makes this even more amazing is that his University Circuit for Indian classical music, later changed to the Centre for the Performing Arts of India, University of Pittsburgh, was entirely self-supporting. He also collects information on food and other requirements in advance so there are no surprises or hungry stomachs! To do some of this work, a secretary, tax accountant, printer and poster designer, are recompensed from a clear percentage deducted from the tour income

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As the gamer keeps racing and performs certain tasks like taking pole position or pulling off a certain number of perfect Nitros, he/she unlock cars. Where Asphalt 9 on Android and iOS differ are in the graphics options they offer. Though it was not until Asphalt 4 was launched that the game was available on iOS, its recent entry, Asphalt 9: Legends, with its meticulous, fast-paced and flashy graphical showcase, is expected to be the best mobile racing game yet. Even insignificant bits like tyres heating up when applying brakes have been taken care of and the developer has spared no expense to make the game look luxurious. Asphalt 9 gameplay has seen some interesting changes versus Asphalt 8.However, graphics isn’t the only area that’s seen an upgrade.. Where Asphalt 9 on Android and iOS differ are in the graphics options they offer Asphalt Games, the veteran racing franchise, has many features that make it one of the favourite series among gaming fanatics.

The car upgrades, allowing the gamer to tweak factors like speed, nitro boost, and handling to name a few, do shake things up quite a bit. Every aspect of Asphalt 9 is spectacular — from highly detailed car models complete with reflections and incidental details like meters on the dashboard to the tracks themselves, with snow and water effects in full view. Also, there are three control options to choose from.The difference between each upgrade level is noticeable. Tilt to Steer uses the phone’s gyroscope to control steering, Tap to Steer has the familiar virtual buttons from past entries and the Touch Drive allows the China Tankless Electric Water Heater Faucet Suppliers gamer to swipe the screen similar to that of Subway Surfers.Asphalt 9, that’s still in the soft launch phase, is supposed to be spectacular in every aspect. One can double tap the left side of the screen to spin your car, allowing the gamer to push the opponents off the track. The long-running series of racing games from Gameloft, though is not available in India officially, has been tested on both iPhone 6s and OnePlus6 and the results are amazing. However, with more particle effects such as light and dust as well as sharper car models, it looks better on the OnePlus 6 when compared with the iPhone 6s. Asphalt 9 has also made changes in the way one upgrades the cars. For those who are waiting for its official launch, these guidelines will be helpful

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Hotmail and AOL. Check it out and let us know what you think — just go to Settings and tap “Send Feedback.Contacts: Yahoo Mail displays editable contact cards, powered by Xobni, that detect all the email addresses and phone numbers associated with that person.The new features on the Yahoo Mail app include:Relevant search results: Now, when users search their email using a keyword, the app highlights the most relevant messages.”. Users can now use the app with their Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address.15).To access the new feature, tap your email provider from the welcome screen, use your Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address to create a Yahoo account, and give Yahoo permission to sync your email messages in the Mail app. To access the new feature, tap your email provider from the welcome screen, use your Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address to create a Yahoo account, and give Yahoo permission to sync your email messages in the Mail app.

Users can make their inbox more personalized with custom themes and notes more modern with stationery from Paperless Post. Yahoo has announced the opportunity to experience the Yahoo mail app, without having to switch to a brand new email address.Users will get notified only when they receive a new email from China Bathroom Basin Electric taps Manufacturers a person, not companies or newsletters. Yahoo also pull photos from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. These features will help make reading, organizing and sending emails easier.Customizable swipes: Choose which action appears when you swipe left or right on a message, including delete, archive, move and more.Users can enable Account Key for secure, password-free sign in. Start enjoying an organized inbox experience immediately. Start enjoying an organized inbox experience immediately.If users already have a Yahoo email account, they can easily connect and manage email accounts from Gmail, Outlook.Users can now use the app with their Gmail, Outlook or AOL email address.The new Yahoo Mail app is available in the App Store (iOS 4.15) and Google Play (Android 5

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Improvements to Photo import and support for native RAW image editing give photographers more efficient ways to work and multitask on iPad Pro. Designed to work while holding iPad Pro in any position or while seated using the new Smart Keyboard Folio, Face ID takes advantage of the TrueDepth camera system to accurately map and recognize the face to securely unlock iPad Pro, enable Apple Pay in apps and online and allow users to easily gain access to secure apps.Pricing and AvailabilityThe new 11-inch and 12. Adobe’s Project Aero (coming 2019) will enable creators to design experiences that take AR on iPad even further. With new Animoji and customizable Memoji, users can take advantage of the large screen on iPad to add more personality to photos and videos in Messages and FaceTime.9-inch iPad Pro will be available in silver and space gray finishes in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations as well as a new 1TB option.iOS 12 on iPad ProiOS 12 brings new gestures to iPad that are already familiar to iPhone X and iPhone XS users including tap to wake and swiping to go home, access Control Center and for multitasking. After being in the rumours for almost a year, Apple has finally introduced the new iPad Pro with all-screen design and next-generation performance, marking the biggest change to iPad ever.

Face ID comes to iPadFace ID, the most secure facial authentication system in any tablet or computer, comes to iPad for the first time.A12X Bionic and next-generation neural engineBuilt on industry-leading seven-nanometer technology, the powerful eight-core A12X Bionic features four performance cores and four efficiency cores for up to 35 per cent faster single-core performance and a new performance controller for simultaneous use of all eight cores for an up to 90 per cent boost during multi-threaded tasks. On iPad Pro, the breakthrough performance and capability lasts all day thanks to great 10-hour battery life.New Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard FolioThe new Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio, available for purchase separately, give iPad Pro users new levels of precision and productivity.5-inch model, yet still weighs just one pound. A seven-core, Apple-designed GPU delivers up to twice the graphics performance for incredibly rich and immersive AR experiences and console-quality graphics.

The new Smart Keyboard Folio protects both the front and back of iPad Pro in a simple, thin and light design encompassing a full-size keyboard that never needs to be charged or paired. The ProMotion technology automatically adjusts the display refresh rate up to 120Hz for ultra-smooth scrolling and incredible responsiveness on iPad Pro.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $999 (US) for the Wi-Fi model and $1,149 (US) for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. The TrueDepth Camera on iPad Pro also enables Animoji and Memoji. Both models are just 5.9-inch Liquid Retina displays to the edges of iPad Pro and integrates Face ID to securely unlock iPad with just a glance. With support for the next generation of AR apps, a new world of AR experiences is possible on iPad, such as measuring the reflection on real-world objects, navigating buildings in 3D and exploring entire universes.9 mm thin.The new 11-inch iPad Pro packs a bigger display with more pixels in the same footprint as the 10. Apple introduces the new iPad Pro with all-screen design and next-generation performance.A new all-screen designsThe iPad Pro features one of the world’s most advanced display — an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with rounded corners that follow the curves of iPad Pro’s unibody enclosure. The all-new design pushes 11-inch and 12.Face ID, the most secure facial authentication system in any tablet or computer, comes to iPad. Incredibly versatile, USB-C offers power for charging, supports USB 3. Participants can be added at any time, join later if the conversation is still active and choose to join using video or audio from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.Advanced cameras and sensors, improved four-speaker audio, powerful chip and a large viewfinder turn iPad Pro into the best device ever for AR. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro places the largest display of any iPad into a more portable package — a massive 25 per cent reduction in volume.

With USB-C, iPad Pro can even be used to charge an iPhone. The new Shortcuts app helps iPad users link together powerful, yet simple automated workflows for photo editing, video editing and file and asset management. Easily adjustable for lap or desk use, the new Smart Keyboard Folio is perfect for getting thoughts down and multitasking. This enables fast Face ID, faster plane detection for AR apps and other new features that use real-time machine learning. The 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799 (US) for the Wi-Fi model and $949 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model and the 12.1 Gen 2 for high-bandwidth data transfers up to twice the speed to and from cameras and musical instruments, and drives external displays up to 5K. A new USB-C connector and up to 1TB of storage enable powerful new workflows on iPad Pro. The Neural Engine is designed to deliver improved performance for Core ML tasks, empowering developers to build apps and new iPad workflows that utilise this highly efficient machine learning engine. It becomes even more powerful and intuitive China hot water tap electric faucet Suppliers as users can select just the right tool or brush with a simple double tap on Apple Pencil within apps like Notes. The second-generation Apple Pencil magnetically attaches to iPad Pro for pairing and wireless charging.

Apple’s next-generation Neural Engine is built for advanced machine learning in everything from photography to AR, completing up to 5 trillion operations per second..Group FaceTime now makes it easy to connect with groups of friends or colleagues at the same time.Best Device for ARAdvanced cameras and sensors and improved four-speaker audio combine with the power of A12X Bionic to turn iPad Pro, with its large viewfinder, into the best device ever for AR.9-inch models feature the Liquid Retina display, powerful A12X Bionic chip and Face ID.New Power and possibilities with USB-CA new USB-C connector replaces the Lightning connector in support of the powerful ways iPad Pro is used. Powerful apps from leading developers like Adobe, Autodesk and Procreate also give users the power to be even more creative than ever before.The display of iPad Pro easily adjusts content to the orientation of the viewer. And a new second-generation Apple Pencil magnetically attaches to iPad Pro and wirelessly charges at the same time. With precision-milled glass, advanced pixel masking, sub-pixel anti-aliasing and a new backlight design, the new Liquid Retina display is Apple’s brightest and most colour accurate iPad display, featuring a wide colour support, True Tone and anti-reflective coating for a natural, accurate viewing experience indoors and out.The 11-inch and 12

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”INFOTAINMENT AND ANTHOLOGIESTeachers and educators have realised the important role that graphic novels can play in education, points out Girija. Appupen’s graphic novels, for instance, are entirely (or almost so) silent. There are few artists who have created some amazing stories in this form.”MAINSTREAM ATTENTIONThere is an emergence of a growing library of Indian graphic novels of the non-fiction variety that is attracting a strong community of creators and readers, says Girija, who is hopeful that the genre will slowly find acceptance among a larger section of readers. This creates a big challenge for the artist to fully focus on the work. They use them in different ways so that the particular story they are telling works most effectively. Attempting to resuscitate its fortune and strengthen its standing, the graphic novel is now set to reinvent itself — in a new serious avatar.”Agreeing with him, Girija Jhunjhunwala, director, Campfire Graphic Novels, says, “Graphic novel format helps in narrating story more effectively and makes serious topics like World War II more interesting. Graphic novels have, in fact, even been used to teach complex subjects like physics and calculus,” she says., senior commissioning editor, HarperCollins India, adding, “In a graphic novel, the art and text are treated as one whole. MATURE THEMES“A graphic novel offers greater scope for handling mature themes and issues,” says Jatin Varma, founder, Comic Con India. The whole of it works or does not work.

Big publishers are still way behind to tap the full potential of this segment and educate the consumer about the same. But over the last few years, the graphic novel has remained on the fringes of the Indian publishing industry and failed to hit the best-seller lists. And they are entering segments like biographies, anthologies, and also infotainment texts to help teach subjects like physics and calculus.Graphic novels are now reinventing themselves by focusing on serious issues, and entering segments like infotainment texts to teach subjects like calculus. We have also seen a rise in the readership of biographies. Many a time people do not pick up a biography daunted by its size but it interests the reader in the graphic format as it’s thinner and the format helps develop familiarity with the subject and makes a story more personal. India is yet to publish a strong and powerful long form narrative that matches the international standards. “Young readers often find bland text boring. Visuals illustrate our subconscious labyrinth while the words lead the plot. Most of the artists have full-time jobs as not many publishers agree to provide advances during the time the work is created.When images and words team up to tell a tale, it’s a powerhouse of a narrative. “Graphic novels have their own devoted readership,” says Ajitha G. Self-publishing is increasing but because of lack of editing skills, it is way behind international standards. “In the last few decades, several graphic novels have made the genre popular and have given it the respectability that it deserves. In this manner, graphic novels can be used as a fun and entertaining ‘infotainment’ medium to teach various subjects.S.”Campfire Graphic Novels is holding a month-long exhibition titled ‘Telling Stories Through Pictures’ at IHC to educate people about graphic novels. A host of new graphic novels are now focusing on real world issues like culture, gender, social class and relationships. There are things that can’t be communicated through just words. None of these disregards either text or art. Graphic novels are now recognised as a medium for serious storytelling.Orijit Sen, one of the first to tap into the potential of this format to raise awareness about the Narmada Dam Project issue in 1994 with his book River of Stories, says, “Anthology is another area that works well in this segment. There is no formula to how there should be of each. Unlike West, in India we do not have publishers fully focused on comic publishing and funding artists.” He adds, “We are good with short-form narratives. electric faucet Manufacturers Images displayed at ‘Telling Stories Through Pictures’ exhibition in the city Graphic novels are now reinventing themselves by focusing on serious issues, and entering segments like infotainment texts to teach subjects like calculus. Vishwajyoti Ghosh and Sarnath Banerjee use text and art to equal effect.”Talking about the growth of graphic novels in India, Orijit says, “It has come a long way but is yet to get the mainstream attention.. Amruta Patil’s novels are very talky. The sequential image-text combination makes graphic novels a good tool that can supplement textbooks, as they make the subject easier to understand

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حذف حساب کاربری خود را در بر داشت زیر را انجام خواهد داد: حساب کاربری خود را حذف از WhatsApp. تا آنجا که به این موضوع حریم خصوصی مربوط می شود، در حال تغییر یک شماره تلفن در پرونده هر سند به عنوان مسئولیت اصلی کاربر / مالک در

، بیشتر استفاده می برنامه ارتباطات اجتماعی برای گوشی های موبایل، دانلود شده است و استفاده شده توسط یک از میلیون ها کاربر worldwide.In هند، گرفتن یک سیم کارت جدید با شماره جدید بسیار آسان تر است. اما در مورد واتساپ، چه کار می کنی واتساپ به هیچ وجه از مالکیت تا آنجا به عنوان یک عدد مربوط می شود. شما دیگر کنترل بیش از it.What بدتر: برخی از کاربران آویزان بر روی یک شماره قدیمی برای WhatsApp، اما سیم کارت به هر حال استفاده نمی کند. با این حال، تمام دوستان خود اطلاع داده شد و برخی از آنها هنوز فکر شماره شما همان است. آنها باید یک صفحه که در آن شما می توانید شماره خود را تصدیق و کنترل بیش از آن است. پیام می تواند گاه به گاه و نه به عنوان important.Delete اطلاعات واتساپ خدمات پرداخت خود را. در حالی که شما به طور دائم می توانید حساب کاربری wholesale instant electric heating water faucet خود را از گوشی خود حذف کنید، بسیاری از کسانی که می رشته چپ وجود دارد. بنابراین مطمئن شوید که شما یک شماره است که با ارائه دهنده خدمات مخابراتی قطع استفاده نمی کند. حالا شهرستان خود را تغییر دهید برای یک کار و انتخاب کردن برای یک شماره جدید، 87654321 و ثبت نام واتساپ خود را در توسعه دهندگان one.WhatsApp جدید باید یک راه برای مدیریت تنظیمات حریم خصوصی خود را آنلاین معرفی می کنیم. نرم افزار بسیار ساده است و خود را به یک شماره تلفن است که هویت فرد در concern.Delete شما را از تمام گروه های واتساپ متصل می شود. اما زمانی که تعداد مسن تر بازیافت می شود و کاربران جدید می آید اینترنتی، و می خواهد به استفاده از واتساپ بر روی گوشی خود، واتساپ شما می شود automatically.Erase تاریخ پیام خود را بر روی تلفن خود را غیر فعال است. از آنجا که شماره تلفن به صاحبان جدید بازیافت هر 3 - 6 ماه، نه تنها WhatsApp خود را، اما همچنین بسیاری از اطلاعات دیگر را نیز می توانید در سراسر به person.Press دیگر ارسال شود دکمه منو> تنظیمات> حساب> حذف حساب من. در حال حاضر این فرد جدید با شماره قدیمی خود را تا خود را با WhatsApp.Enter شماره تلفن خود را در فرمت کامل بین المللی ثبت و حذف ضربه بزنید Account.How من می توانم حساب برای حذف حساب کاربری WhatsApp خود را حذف کنم: باز WhatsApp است. آنها را نگه دارید ارسال شما پیام واتساپ بر روی تعداد مسن تر، اما شما از آن آگاه نیست. واتساپ باید گزینه ای را برای همچنین تعدادی (حساب) پس از یک ماه (یا بیشتر) قطع اگر داده نشده است به طور فعال از ارسال هر پیام است. اگر شماره قدیمی خود را در حال حاضر توسط کاربر دیگری متعلق به او حق آن را دارد. بسیاری از تمایل به انتخاب کردن برای بیش از یک شماره و استفاده از آن برای وسایل مختلف ارتباطی کار، بازی، شخصی، کسب و کار، و غیره اما اگر آنها اگر آنها محرمانه و مهم خوب، چیزی برای ترس در اینجا (در حال حاضر) بودند از آنجا که تعداد موقتا غیرفعال شده و پیام خود را با هر کسی دریافت نکرده-تا پس از سه ماه که شماره قدیمی توسط شرکت مخابراتی و زمین را به یک طرف ناشناخته بازیافت شد. اگر شما می خواهید به قطع تعداد، شما باید گزینه برای ورود آنلاین و حذف آن، حتی اگر شماره تلفن خود را غیر فعال می باشد داده می شود. حریم خصوصی شما می توانید در خطر خواهد بود. شما شامل تمام دوستان خود و داشتن چت خصوصی خود را با هر یک از آنها در WhatsApp شد. بنابراین اگر شما یک تعداد غیر فعال، واتساپ خود را نیز پس از یک ماه غیر استفاده قطع شود. شما می توانید یکی دیگر از شماره واتساپ بر روی یک گوشی با شماره های مختلف استفاده کنید. اطلاعات حساس مانند بانکداری، کلمه عبور، OTP، چت WhatsApp، و بسیاری دیگر که به یک شماره تلفن همراه در ارتباط می تواند به اشتباه hands.For حال حاضر، تنها روش برای مطمئن شوید که حریم خصوصی شما امن است برای ارسال یک پیام خارج 

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A white paper on consumer spending by the Consumer Affairs Agency released this year highlighted the decline in spending on beer but increase in spending on cocktails and chuhai.1 billion yen, which helped offset the 1.The result was a cocktail in a black-and-silver can called “Mogitate,” which means fresh-picked. Sales of canned cocktails, which are popular among women, are growing, unlike most of the other alcoholic drinks brewers have to offer.Traditional disapproval of women drinking in public has faded due to social change, with more women in the work force, earning money to spend any way they want.Czech brewer Aurosa, for example, started selling a beer in pink bottles this July to appeal to women, but faced widespread criticism wholesale instant electric water heater tap for sexism and gender advertising.Sales of canned cocktails, which are popular among women, are growing, unlike most of the other alcoholic drinks brewers have to offer.

It came in strawberry, mango-yogurt and other fruit flavors.”As, indeed, are social mores, with greater acceptance for women to go out drinking at night.It kept the black-and-silver can with a fruit image, but added more flavors, including plum, grape and peach.“Drinking has become a normal part of my everyday life,” says Matsuda. The reception among women has improved, the company said.”.Other brewers’ attempts to tap the female market have largely failed because “they typically try to appeal through stereotypes,” said Spiros Malandrakis, senior analyst for alcoholic drinks at Euromonitor.“We tried to come up with a design and name that women would reach for, but wasn’t too cute that it would turn off men,” said Tomomi Miyama, an assistant marketing manager at Asahi.Sales of canned cocktails, which are popular among women, are growing, unlike most of the other alcoholic drinks brewers have to offer. It contributed to a 13 percent jump in Asahi’s first-half sales of canned cocktails to 18.5 percent decline to 243.

Coming in lemon, grapefruit and grape flavors, it also contains bits of fruit.“I don’t need the patronizing ‘kawaii’ (cute) in my drinks to tell me that it’s appealing to me,” said Yukari Hakoiwa, a 26-year-old in the clothing industry.Surveys show Japanese women prefer these to beer.2 billion yen in beer sales.After its own “Dear Pink” debacle, Asahi tested various can designs and names on both women and men for their new chuhai. 2 brewer, Asahi Group Holdings Ltd, four years ago started selling a “Dear Pink” series of cocktails in soft pink cans emblazoned with ribbons.NOT PRETTY IN PINKJapan’s No.Mikako Matsuda, 26, said she and her colleagues go drinking almost every evening, unthinkable for women of her mother’s generation who were expected to wait at home for their husbands or care for the family.

To tap the female market, brewers have focused on canned cocktails and other mixed drinks such as “chuhai” -- a word that combines “highball” and “shochu,” an alcohol made from rice, barley or sweet potatoes. (Photo: AP) Faced with a shrinking beer market at home, Japanese brewers are shoring up sales by targeting women with a range of fizzy, fruity canned cocktails, but the strategy hasn’t been without some hiccups along the way.Suntory, the third-largest brewer, also had to tweak its “Strong Zero” chuhai after women provided feedback that the taste and design were too strong and made them reluctant to buy the product.“SHIFTING TASTES”With Japanese beer sales poised to fall for a 12th straight year, brewers see the most growth potential among women, about 73 percent of whom drink alcohol compared to 84 percent of men, according to a survey conducted by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association. “I would much rather judge based on flavors.But attitudes have changed in other ways too, and brewers had to learn old marketing strategies that relied on gender stereotyping weren’t going to persuade modern Japanese women to buy their drinks.But first the companies had to get women to overcome their reluctance to buy canned alcoholic drinks, which many women here associated with middle-aged men.”“Mogitate,” introduced last year, is selling well.Asahi’s was a common mistake, and not just in Japan.It concluded that “alcohol tastes are shifting.Offering seasonal flavors, such as apple during autumn, is also popular among women, brewers have found. “In the end, the design was kind of gender neutral.“Dear Pink” bombed. “I love the flavor variations (of chuhai) that give me something new to drink everyday after work

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The third pavilion, which forms the core of the present clubhouse building, was built in 1884.SCC reminds me of the Indian Gymkhana Club of London where the NRIs throng in large numbers. Talking of Singapore, I always remember Punjab Grill, the excellent Indian restaurant of celebrity chef Jiggs Kalra who is commonly referred to as the czar of Indian cuisine and the first Asian to be inducted in the International Gourmet Hall of Fame. Today SCC has over 4,000 members. There have been no fewer than three clubhouse buildings on the Padang, the first erected some time in the 1860s and the second in 1877.One amazing fact about SCC is that during the Singapore National Day, the club lays a layer of concrete flooring by removing grass for the festivities. Mr Tripathi is a Pan-IIM member and his company is a first commercial electric fleet company based in Singapore. Today rugby, football and hockey are played at the SCC. It was extended in 1907 and the northern and southern wings that we see today were added in 1922.Indian food has now become so common in Singapore that many of the restaurants have elaborate Indian menus, vegetarian and non-vegetarian and people have plenty to choose from.Mr Rajakumar’s grandfather had started Komala Vilas with three outlets and a sweet shop in 1947.

At present, of the many restaurants and bars at the Singapore Cricket Club, the Deli restaurant offers Hawker food by night with popular Indianised menu offering roti, parantha, vegetable dhall, mutton curry, chicken curry, mutton satay, chicken satay, dal makhani, tadka and others. The Singapore government in 1962 insisted that all clubs in Singapore maintain at least 50 per cent Singaporean membership. Though it has cricket to its name it is more of a social club now with not much of cricketing to be seen.The club’s beginnings were quite humble, with the first 28 members in 1853 being mostly men working in the British business and mercantile community, mostly as clerks.One of the most famous institutions in Singapore is the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) that was established in 1852. Cricket suffered in particular and in 1922 the club was unable to make up a full team to send to play in Hong Kong.The writer is a social and cultural activist based in Kolkata, and a frequent international traveller. The membership had grown to almost 400 in the 1880s and was seen as a social feather in the cap, not only by the businessmen who founded the club but also by the power brokers and decision-makers in the government.In 1927, Charles Gordon Macartney and his Australian cricket XI visited the club. It is now quite like an institution for vegetarian food on the Little India culinary scene with simple meals accompanied by traditional Indian drinks — sweet yoghurt lassi, mango lassi and lime juice. India has a strong connection with Singapore in terms of diaspora and people-to-people contact. India was the second nation to recognise Singapore after its independence in 1965. Membership of the club had reached 878 by 1914.Recently I was in Singapore for a day-long visit and came to know much about the country which has a strong Indian diaspora. It is a premier sports and social club in Asia and the second oldest club in Singapore located on the south end of the Padang in Singapore’s central business district. The current president of the club is an Indian, Sher Baljit Singh, who runs his own successful property business. Macartney’s team, which included eight Test cricketers, actually lost one match, against Malaya.Cricket was played on the Padang as early as 1837, only 18 years after Sir Stamford Raffles founded the settlement of Singapore in 1819, but it was not until 1852 that first meetings were called to discuss the formal establishment of a cricket club. Chef Afrin has his own dishes to offer like spicy mutton paya, masala gravy, plain thosai with sambar and chutney. The club also has facilities for squash, tennis, lawn bowls, billiards and snooker. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Singapore in the first week of June 2018.Even after Singapore was liberated in 1945, it was clear that life in the crown colony would China wholesale electric faucet never be the same again.

The club was closed for the duration of the war. Prime Minister Lee made his first official appearance at the club in 1963, when his wife presented the Lee Kuan Yew shield to the club’s ladies’ hockey team. The Indian Gymkhana Club also has an interesting history and has many things in common with the Singapore Cricket Club like cricket, sports, Indian cuisines and share of local politics when it comes to managing the affairs of the club. The wefies and selfies of the two Prime Ministers dining at the Indian eatery in Singapore went viral on the social media. On February 15, 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese and most Europeans who had not escaped were interned.In one of his visits to Singapore in November 2015, to mark 50 years of diplomatic ties between the two countries, Mr Modi was in the news for his surprise visit to Komala Vilas, a modest no-frills Indian restaurant in Little India set up by Rajakumar Gunasekaran. It is surrounded by many historic buildings which include Raffles Hotel, St Andrew’s Cathedral, City Hall (on the steps of which the Japanese surrendered to the British in 1945), the Old Supreme Court (now the National Gallery Singapore), Old Parliament House (now the Arts House), Victoria Theatre and Memorial Hall, and Empress Place Building (formerly government offices and now the Asian Civilisations Museum).

Right from the beginning, it was not all about cricket. Somehow, the Indian overseas food joints are getting savvier and popular each day. A popular event almost up to World War I was the SCC annual sports and the SCC athletic sports were an integral part of this programme up to 1900. World War I affected Singapore sports badly (although the crown colony was not directly involved in the conflict) and the supply of sporting "manpower" was sharply reduced.If you think the club is all about cricket, you’d be wrong.The club has witnessed many highs and lows of Singapore’s modern history. He returned in 1970 to accept the honorary title of "Visitor" to the club.I must thank Maneesh Tripathi, group CEO and executive director of Singapore Electric Vehicles for being my host and showing me around. In fact, there is a "Little India" within Singapore. Mr Modi had dropped in at this Serangoon Road eatery for delicious thosai with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife Ho Ching, much to the surprise of the crowds. After the National Day event is over, the concrete is removed and the area restored to its lush green grassy lawn. His company aims to revolutionise public mobility by introducing zero emission and environment-friendly vehicles in Singapore

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The computer in the car also manages the rear spoiler’s angle so as to generate optimum downforce.(source). The two sides of the turbo are connected by a shaft that is connected with a 121hp electric motor capable of powering the compressor if there isnt enough natural boost. Therefore, these four electric motors and the petrol engine produce around a 1000hp and be completely eco-friendly for 25 miles on batteries alone.Mercedes will only build 275 example of the Project One, with each of them selling for $2.72 million. And, all of them have already been taken, which means all you can do is drool over this great culmination of technology on wheels. This electrified turbo is called the Motor Generator Unit Heat or MGU-H. The result is a 1000hp hypercar that utilises technology to stay on the road.6-liter turbocharged V6 motor from the F1 car behind the seats to aid better weight distribution.All of that unbridled power is tamed using computers that manage to keep the driver safe while delivering power in the most efficient way.

That’s because Mercedes has simply lifted all wholesale instant electric heating water faucet of the things that drive their World Championship-winning F1 car and stuffed it into this car.Over the course of time, many sports car manufacturers have tried making a Formula One car for the road and failed miserably for various reasons. Mercedes AMG though has made it possible with their latest hypercar — the AMG Project One.For starters, houses a 1. Also, Mercedes has put two separate turbochargers for catering to front wheels, each producing 161hp, thereby creating a virtual four-wheel drive system. The motor’s split turbocharger design keeps the hot exhaust gasses powering the turbo away from the compressor, thereby leading to more power through cooler and denser air being fed into the engine.Apart from the MGU-H, there’s another turbo connected to the crankshaft to fill in the gaps created by the turbo. That and the massive F1-inspired fin on the hood mean that the air is pressing down the car in the best of ways

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2 بالنسبة للسنة المالية 2016 ، من المتوقع أن تحقق شركة آبل إيرادات في المتوسط ​​بنسبة تقل عن 4 في المائة ، وهي نسبة بعيدة كل البعد عن نمو الإيرادات بنسبة 28 في المائة الذي حققته في السنة المالية التي انتهت في سبتمبر. متاحة للتعليق خارج ساعات العمل المعتادة..من المتوقع أن تقوم Apple Inc بخفض إنتاج أحدث طرازات iPhone بنحو 30 بالمائة في الربع من يناير إلى مارس ، وفقًا لتقرير Nikkei. توقع Tidid من قبل مزودي Apple مثل Jabil Circuit ، التي تصنع أغلفة بالنسبة إلى أجهزة iPhone و wholesale hot water tap electric faucet في ديسمبر ، أثارت المخاوف من احتمال انخفاض شحنات iPhone لأول مرة. فقد السهم نحو ربع قيمته من أعلى مستوياته في شهر أبريل ، مما يعكس المخاوف بشأن تباطؤ الشحنات. انخفضت أسهم شركة آبل 2. كما تراكمت مخزونات iPhone 6s و 6s Plus منذ إطلاقها في سبتمبر الماضي ، وسيتم تقليص الإنتاج للسماح للتجار بالمرور على مخزونهم الحالي ، حسبما أفادت صحيفة الأعمال اليومية بنسبة 2٪ عند 102 دولار. وتراجعت أسهم الشركات المصنعة للوحة 2.LCD ، وشهدت Japan Display Inc و Sharp Corp و LG Display Co Ltd انخفاض الإنتاج ، وفقًا للتقرير. ومع ذلك ، قال باتريك مورهيد ، المحلل في Moor Insights & Strategy ، إنه كان يشككون قليلاً في تقارير خفض الإنتاج .97 في فترة ما بعد الظهيرة. "هذا الصنبور الكهربائي لصنبور الماء الساخن بالجملة عبارة عن خفض إنتاجي لافت للنظر يلبي الطلب الأكثر هشاشة الذي شهدته شركة آبل مع وجود 6S خارج البوابات ،" FBR Capital Markets وقال المحلل دانييل إيف. كان الشارع يستعد للتخفيض لكن الحجم هنا أكثر إثارة للقلق بعض الشيء. "كما تراجعت أسهم موردي Apple Skyworks Solutions و Qorvo Inc و Cirrus Logic ، من بين آخرين ، بعد التقرير." وقال مورهيد: لم يكن تطبيق أبل متاحًا فورًا للتعليق. ومن بين الشركات الأخرى المتضررة شركة سوني ، التي تصنع مجسات الصور المستخدمة في أجهزة iPhone ، وشركة TDK Corp ، و Alps Electric ، ذكرت Co Co و Kyocera Corp. منذ أوائل ديسمبر ، قام حوالي ثلث المحللين الذين تتبعهم طومسون رويترز بخفض تقديراتهم على Apple.97 في فترة ما بعد الظهيرة. ومن المتوقع أن يعود الإنتاج إلى طبيعته في الربع من أبريل إلى يونيو ، ذكرت نيكي. وول ستريت خفف من وجهة نظره حول الأسهم المرتفعة في الأشهر الأخيرة

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» The club was closed for the duration of the war (دوشنبه ۲۹ مهر ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۸:۰۹)
» The computer in the car also manages the rear spoiler (جمعه ۲۶ مهر ۱۳۹۸ | ۱۴:۳۰)
» كان الشارع يستعد لخفض (شنبه ۲۰ مهر ۱۳۹۸ | ۱۳:۲۴)
» My message to Mr Modi would be to stay home (جمعه ۱۹ مهر ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۹:۳۶)

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» سيستم عامل : unknown

» ورودي هاي گوگل امروز : 0
» ورودي هاي گوگل ديروز : 0

» آخرين بروزرساني : ۱۳۹۸/۰۹/۱۸
تبلیغات متنی
خريد بک لینک در تمام وبلاگها
خرید گیفت کارت
آموزش آشپزی ایرانی
Commercial storefront
Skylight repair
deli meat
دانلود فیلم مطرب
شاتر استوک